Choose our ultimate package if you’re considering major changes to your home’s appearance, including its front landscape. The expert team at Su Casa will collaborate with you to envision the design and architectural upgrades, providing the specifications needed for a spectacular renovation.

Package includes:

  • One virtual design photo
  • Detailed specification sheet outlining all selected colors, fixtures and manufacturers
  • Collaboration with the Su Casa team on design choices and modifications (additional information will be required)

Available modifications:

  • Exterior siding and roofing, including color and/or type
  • Window styles
  • Front door style
  • Garage door style
  • Light fixtures
  • Window shutters and other finishing details
  • Suggested exterior landscaping
  • Architectural and/or cosmetic features, such as
    • Faux gables
    • Structural beams and columns
    • Soffit bracing and/or knee braces
    • Entry and/or patio roofs
    • Courtyard walls
    • Suggested Hardscaping, including driveways and paths (as required)