The Mount Lehman Farmhouse: An Award-Winning, Bespoke Home Design

When people talk about building a home, you often hear about "going custom" or choosing a "spec home."

But what does that really mean?

A spec home is built based on a set of pre-determined specifications with the mass market in mind. It's efficient, straightforward, but not very personal. On the other hand, a custom home is exactly that—customized to your desires, not just to pre-arranged specifications. It's here that the magic happens, and it's here where Su Casa shines, especially when it comes to custom home design.

A Closer Look At An Award Winning Design

Take our Mt Lehman project, for instance. This wasn't just about building a house; it was about crafting a home that fully embraced its surroundings. Andy's knack for sight lines transformed this project, and the impact of this design led to it winning a Grand ARDA Award at the American Institute for Building Design 2023 Awards.
A clear demonstration of this is with the dining room windows perfectly framing Mt Baker, aligning the home so that every sunrise feels like a personal show. This is what we mean by custom. It's considering how the morning sun will flood through those windows, how the house sits on the property to maximize light at all times of the day.
And it wasn't just about the view. The depth of the living spaces was carefully considered so that natural light could fill each room, negating the need for artificial lighting during the day. The beams across the ceiling? They weren't just structural; they became a modern nod to a classic detail, a signature feature of the home.

"Mt Lehman was definitely customized to the property it was on. Everything was about the view. The client wanted to see the mountain range front and center. The deck placement was specific; we didn't want it blocking the view or casting a shadow. It’s this attention to detail, like placing the garage on the north side where shadows linger, that distinguishes our approach." ~ Andy Friesen

Special Details That Are Both Creative and Timeless

Our clients had a clear vision: a bungalow for main floor living, effortlessly extending into the yard and deck. They were intrigued by beam work throughout the interior spaces, and Andy was excited to elevate this concept, introducing a vaulted kitchen ceiling into the design long before it became a trend.

Though it's classified as a "bungalow," the clever use of the stairwell to the basement injects a two-story feel into the home without compromising its flow or the seamless connection to outdoor spaces.

Then there's the concrete tub—an uncommon choice aiming to stay ahead of design trends, especially locally. Our client was willing to take the risk, and it more than paid off. When it came to the interior, the client gave us free rein, and we guided them through every choice, ensuring each decision reflected their lifestyle and preferences.

Why Consider a Su Casa Custom Home?

Not every custom home designer digs into the unique qualities of a property and the specific wishes of a client like we do at Su Casa. Our method is about more than drawing up standard home plans—it seamlessly blends your lifestyle with forward-looking design principles right from the start.

At Su Casa, we're all about creating spaces that fit your life now and also catch the eye of future buyers. This knack for anticipating what's next, championed by Andy and our team, is what really makes us stand out.

It's about more than just aesthetics for us. Every detail of your home is carefully considered to not only simplify your day-to-day and meet your immediate needs, but also to safeguard its long-term appeal and future marketability. 

Achieving this balance between creativity and practicality is what defines a Su Casa home, ensuring it's not only a place you love but also a wise investment.



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