Enhancing Your Home for Christmas: Small Touches for Strong Impact

Getting your home holiday-ready doesn’t have to be a grand affair. It's the little things that make all the difference. There is so much memory wrapped up in the Christmas season, and sometimes the smallest details can capture this spirit the best.
This year, let's take inspiration from our "less is more" approach to create a holiday ambiance that's both personal and heartfelt.

1. The Power of Vintage Vibes:

Our Christmas decor approach this year looks like embracing vintage charm. A 100-year-old farmhouse inspired us, but you don’t need a historical home to get the look. Small wreaths, plaid accents, and classic garlands can instantly bring a timeless feel to your home, bridging the past and present in your holiday decor.

2. Scent-sational Decor:

Remember, decorating for Christmas is not just a visual experience; it's sensory. The right scent can instantly transport you to a Christmas memory. It could be the smell of pine from your wreath, a cinnamon-scented candle (or a stove-top holiday blend simmering away), or the citrusy tang of dried orange slices adorning your tree.

3. Excellence in Details:

This year, let's challenge the notion of 'bigger is better.' Excellence lies in the details. Swap out regular ribbons on baubles and wreaths for something more luxe, like velvet. It’s a tiny, understated change that adds a profound charm to your decor.

4. Curating Over Commercializing:

Start with commercial decorations and make them your own. Add personal touches to a garland or a store-bought wreath to infuse it with your unique style, transforming it from generic to bespoke. A store-bought wreath becomes uniquely yours with the addition of a hand-tied bow or a string of delicate fairy lights.

5. Continuity through Small Pieces:

Creating a cohesive holiday theme doesn't require large statement pieces. Repeating small elements creates a theme. Those brass bells or velvet ribbons? Use them in various places – on your tree, at your door, or even as napkin rings. This repetition creates a sense of harmony and flow.
Remember: simplicity is always in style. Buy a wreath, add a homemade bow, and light some candles for ambience. It's these simple touches that turn a house into a home for the holidays.

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