Paint Collections

Lean on Our Expertise the Next Time You Paint Your Home Interiors.

When Choosing Colours
When picking out paint colours there are many things to consider – undertones, warm, cool, bright, muted – not all colours of paint are created equal. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many shades.
So many choices and time it takes to follow on the latest design trends. The industry is constantly changing. 

Award-Winning Professional Design Help
The heart of Andy our Creative Director is that we can point people in the direction of great design. And for more than 15 years, Andy and the team have done just that. 

Below you will find curated palettes by Andy himself with some great combinations of neutral paint colours that complement each other and would work for any room in your home.
You will also find "Andy's Personal Home Series" that highlights all of the colours Andy is using in his latest personal home renovation. We get asked that a lot and here you can find those colours. 

Design Guide
Included with each purchase is a design guide that will give you valuable tips on what to look for when purchasing the paint, what brushes to look for and more!