Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?

 photos by @annikamariebrown

Many people use interior designer and interior decorator interchangeably, however the two professions are quite different.


Interior Design

is the science of understanding behaviours, doing the research and planning to help people create functional spaces. 

Interior Decorating 

is coordinating the furnishings of that space.


Our professional team of interior designers understand how to enhance and maximize space planning; they work closely with both clients and residential designers to design all aspects of the interior space to be all they can be.

Our Interior Design Team (ID) at Su Casa are hands-on in the design process and also offer styling and furnishing selection. Clients often come to us with decision fatigue when they have tried to design their home on their own; we can attest to the amount of times they have had us take over this process (a little story on that coming in next month’s newsletter).

Our designers pay attention to all the details, especially the ones that you wouldn’t notice, unless they were done wrong. Being able to take a home design from start to finish, from selection of fixtures, materials, and furniture, to choosing the best design that maintains a client's budget, is what truly sets interior designers a part.

ID keeps things functional and practical, they are keenly aware of the spatiality of a room and make design decisions accordingly, so not only does your space look beautiful but it functions properly too.
To ensure a seamless and functional design from your exterior to interior, our talented creative ID team is available to schedule an appointment with.

Email with questions or to make an appointment.

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