Mudroom Design: Design Tips to Manage the Mess


When I say back to school, are you ready, organized, and prepped – or are you still living out every second of summer and leaving it all to the last minute? Whether you are super organized and like things to stay that way, or less than organized and need some tips, we are discussing the importance of how a mudroom can keep you sane and organized in your home. 


When Did Mudrooms Become a Part of House Design?

Historically, mudrooms originated in rural areas where roads were unpaved and muddy boots were a common sight. Usually, they were just a small vestibule off the kitchen, likely on the backside of the manor or farmhouse. It wasn’t until mid-twentieth century when the mudroom grew larger and became a dedicated space, often found today in between the garage and kitchen. 


Are Mudrooms Still Needed for Most Homes Today?

Today’s mudroom is the decompression chamber of the home. Before entering a home, people decompress and remove jackets, shoes, backpacks, etc. It’s a space that requires adequate storage for these and other everyday items. It functions as a drop zone – and as the name implies it keeps the dirt and mud (literally and figuratively) tracked inside in one space not scattering throughout your home. 


How to Get the Most Out of Your Mudroom

A well-designed mudroom that is optimizing storage will be useful for your family and guests.  Determining what items will be included in this area such as what can be neatly displayed, and what needs to be hidden behind a cabinet door is the first step in designing a successful mudroom. If everything has a proper place, then even the most hard-working mudroom can appear tidy. 
When working with clients, we often ask questions like who lives in the home, older children vs younger children, active in sports or not, and consideration for pets or future pets. Custom cabinets are ideal – such as floor to ceiling locker-style cabinets and built-in arrangements cleverly placed in corners or between doors. With or without cabinet doors is another consideration – cabinet doors hide things but are more costly, and it may depend how visible this area is from the rest of the home. We recommend incorporating accessible hooks for regularly quick-grab items and a bench as a resting place.
In our mudroom design above, we chose to do framed-in closets rather than built-in cabinets to help the overall design be more budget friendly. Having storage space for hanging and built-in organizers for other items was key for that space. As an added touch, we chose to use louvered closet doors which finished the room with the perfect amount of character we needed.


Other considerations for designing a mudroom: flooring should be hard-wearing and easy to mop.  A sink for quick access water or cleaning would be ideal if space allows. Since the mudroom can be a bit of a multi-purpose room for all members of the home contemplate what other items you might want to store in here ie. mop/broom closet, or potting area for the avid gardener. 

If planned out well, the mudroom can sort the chaos before it even enters the home. 



  • Su Casa Design- Client Care

    Hi Jill,
    We love the louver doors in this mudroom too! They add such an incredible touch to the final look of the room.

    Simpson Doors is a great site to look for comparable louver door designs. They have a great selection to choose from!

  • Su Casa Design- Client Care

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you so much for your kind words! That floor was a custom-laid mosaic. It was a piece by piece, section by section labor of love!

    Not for the faint of heart, but it turned out amazing :)

  • Linda Manzer
    Another amazing space by Su Casa! Can you tell me more about sourcing that gorgeous floor?

  • Jill Ferris
    I love your mudroom especially the louvre doors. Where these custom made ? I can only find bifold louvre doors. Can I ask where you got these. Thank you.

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