Practical Tips for Budget-Savvy Home Design


Designing your family home is an incredibly exciting process, rich with its rewards and challenges to overcome. Staying on budget during that process, however, is not always easy.

While the current construction market may be concerning for a homeowner like yourself because of issues like inflation costs, building material shortages and delays, building a new home doesn’t have to be beyond reach. There are many ways to save money on construction costs for a new home that don’t require you to compromise on the dream you have envisioned.  

We want to encourage you that it is possible to avoid the disappointment of your design being beyond the scope of what your budget will allow. At Su Casa, our goal is to make great design accessible to many, and with that in mind, we have gathered some great tips to help you stay on budget with your new home.


Make a Plan

We can’t stress this enough! Having a solid plan and asking clarifying questions to your designer and builder is an incredibly effective strategy to keep your home design budget on track.

    Don’t stretch your design budget by planning for preferences that put you at the top of what you can afford. It's good to have a plan for the unexpected as making changes once construction has started can increase overall costs significantly because of additional materials and labor.

    Spend time beforehand to research well so you can stay ahead of your home vision and budget!


    Get Detailed Cost Estimates

    We recommend finding a builder/contractor before you proceed, and together you can gauge the build within your budget. A good builder can estimate a cost-per-square-foot to determine size for your budget. The larger the home you plan to build the greater the cost – more space therefore more materials, more finishes, more of everything. Translate design features into dollars and cents by asking your builder how much those features cost to build.


    Establish Your Home Budget

    Cost is always top of mind for homeowners. When beginning a house build or renovation, the number one thing you must assess before committing to a building project is your budget. A budget helps as a guideline for what you can build ie. size, materials, finishes, extras.

    By making sure your design wish-list fits your home budget, you gain peace-of-mind knowing you can afford the home you are looking to build.


    Get Quotes from Several Contractors

    To make sure you get the best deal, ask for a variety of quotes. Don’t just shop for price—you'll want to look at value as well. Once you have multiple quotes in hand, compare them carefully:

    • Does each quote list the same work scope?
    • Do any quotes leave out necessary items?

    Comparing line items across several contractor quotes will prevent yourself from unexpected surprises or large invoices at the end of construction.


    Get Your Hands Dirty

    There are ways you can contribute to the build. If you can visit your build on a regular basis doing your own site clean-up is a great option. The cost to take garbage and waste to the dump yourself saves thousands in the rental of a garbage bin, and dumping charges are quite reasonable when you do it yourself.

    If you have a set skill – use it! Painting, tiling, laying hardwood, or whatever you might be handy at, is a great way to contribute to your build and save on labor.



    We know that building a home can be joyous and stressful. Our greatest suggestion is to be in communication with your designer and contractor so that you are always on the same page. This way when unexpected situations arise, your builder is already aware of your needs and can help solve accordingly.


    And as always, we are here to help make your home planning a phenomenal experience for you. If you would like more information about how we can help your home design, you can reach out to our Client Care Team to get the conversation started!



    • Su Casa Design- Client Care

      Hi Bea!
      Typically our renovation project scope involves a bit more than a single room, but you can definitely get in touch with either client care (link is in the blog post) or head over to our main page to fill out the project details.

      Someone from our Client Care Team will get in touch with you! Thanks for the question!
      Su Casa Design Team

    • Bea

      We’re looking at a main bathroom reno, would you be able to help with quotes and work? Thanks for your consideraron

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