Stewarding Your Spaces Well: How to Place Value on Home

Love Where You Live

Every home's charm hinges on care and attention. Like cherished possessions, homes thrive under regular care, reflecting our lives with comfort and beauty. In interior design, thoughtful space allocation for maintenance—areas for cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment—is key. This organizational strategy simplifies routine upkeep, ensuring homes remain welcoming and well-maintained.

Maintenance and Stewardship

Maintaining your home is as important as its initial design. Andy, our creative director, emphasizes regular care to preserve both function and beauty. Effective stewardship involves keeping your space clean and clutter-free, which not only prolongs its life but also enhances its appeal. 

Andy, Su Casa's Creative Director, has 3 quick, easy-to-reach tips to maximize your living spaces and make the most of what you have:

 1. Organize the Garage for Just Cars

  • Is your garage a storage unit rather than a place to park? Andy faced this common issue head-on. By installing shelves and organizing, he transformed his cluttered garage into an open, freeing space. Now, every time he parks, there's a sense of freedom and total satisfaction. This change isn't just about looks; it's about reclaiming the overlooked spaces for their intended purpose.
2. Deep Clean
  • There's an undeniable refreshment that comes from deep cleaning. Andy experienced this firsthand when he decluttered his home. Removing unnecessary items and donating the excess not only created more room but also renewed the home's energy. Though challenging, the process of editing your belongings to simplify your living space can be liberating and rejuvenating.
3. Move Things Around
  • A change in furniture layout can do wonders. Andy often rearranges his space, finding that this keeps the home feeling new and refreshed. This simple, quick adjustment can significantly enhance your home's look and feel, creating opportunities for decluttering and introducing new elements.


Commitment to Excellence

Su Casa values excellence in home design, and we help countless number of families with design services that expertly guide when to retain or replace items. With all of our interior design selections, we focus on quality over quantity, selecting durable, low-maintenance materials that are built to last. This approach guarantees home designs for our clients that are not only classic and visually pleasing, but also sturdy and well-built.

Having a professional help you know how to edit your current home- what to keep, what to remove, or what to revamp, can make all the difference in making smart home design choices. Check out our full renovation and interior design services to see how we can help you steward your spaces well!



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