How Hiring An Interior Designer Can Save You and Your Home

Pictured Here: Aubrey Reisinger, Senior Interior Designer Photos by @annikamariebrown

Real Interior Design Rescue Stories

We have seen it time and time again – clients underestimate the time and number of decisions needed to be made in the process of building or renovating their home. In a particular recent situation, we had new clients come to Su Casa when they realized they were in over their heads with their new build custom home. They had assumed they could handle the interior planning and selections themselves, only to realize they were facing a mountain of pending decisions and didn’t know where to start!

At the time they came to Su Casa, the framing was well underway – our team really needed to hit the ground running. This was an unusual situation that required us to revisit our typical design process, so that we could accommodate the pace, and order, at which we would need to make decisions.

Our first order of business was to fast track the concept development, to zero-in on the proposed look and feel of the home. These clients had a myriad of design ideas that covered a lot of opposing and unique design directions. With the help from our team of interior designers, we were able to narrow down the right design style for the home, and forge ahead with a clearer vision of where we were headed!

At the same time, Su Casa stepped in to evaluate the plans that were provided. The architectural design of this home was from a third party, and this was our first review of the space.

It became evident there were a few concerns with the framing layout – in terms of flow and function – that our team quickly addressed. They were able to offer a revised floor plan that improved the overall aesthetic value of the spaces in question, while considering the client’s preferences, required clearances, cabinetry design and layout, traffic flow, and key sight lines throughout. They now had a plan that was carefully considered and will result in the “wow” factor they were hoping for.

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