The Best and Most Affordable Way to Update Your Home Interiors

PAINT! A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive and effective way of making a space feel updated and refreshed. Jenn, a senior Interior Designer at Su Casa Design with an extensive background in the topic of paint was the best source to answer this question.

Jennifer Mack (Senior Interior Designer- Su Casa Design)

Paint is a simple way to create change and have a dramatic impact on a room. There are endless options of colours to choose from so when looking for a colour look at the current space and see what colour palette you are working from.

Once you have narrowed down your colour selection try a few samples of different shades on your wall. This allows you to see how the light, materials and other aspects in the house effects the actual colour.

The colour will change depending on lighting, so looking at it throughout the day at different times to see how the light changes and influences the colour is recommended before committing to a colour.

If you want something timeless then I would recommend you choose a white. White is a safe colour and is the ultimate backdrop because it works with everything. The advantage of white is you can build on it with a variety of different colours and styles.

Here is a List of my Favorite Whites that we use often in Client’s Homes

(all the whites listed here are from Benjamin Moore)


  • Swiss Coffee | Benjamin Moore

    – creamy softer white, when you don’t want “white-white”

  • Cloud White | Benjamin Moore

    – it’s a soft white, on the creamier side without being really yellow

  • Chantilly Lace | Benjamin Moore

    – it is crisp and clean without a blue undertone

  • Simply White | Benjamin Moore

    – a crisp white

If you are looking for a more dramatic change I would suggest going dark like charcoal or black. Black is making a big comeback and we are seeing it more and more. It can be intimidating to do a room in a dark colour but if the lighting is done correctly it can look really great. The right amount of light in a dark space can create a really cozy feeling. I would encourage people to not shy away from it, and it would make such a statement in updating a space. And its paint…you can always paint over it.

My Favorite Dark Paint Colours to Use:

  • Off Black | Farrow & Ball

    - a soft black

  • Onyx | Benjamin Moore

    - a real black-black

  • Kendall Charcoal | Benjamin Moore

    - the perfect dark grey paint colour 

  • Wrought Iron | Benjamin Moore

    - closer to a charcoal grey

If white is too plain for you and your aren't looking for anything dramatic a warm neutral is a safe bet.

My Favorite Go-To Neutrals to Use:

  • Revere Pewter | Benjamin Moore

    - a warm chameleon colour, sometimes more brown and sometimes more grey

  • Elephant's Breath | Farrow & Ball

    - a unique warm grey (warning: can have strong magenta undertones so try a sample first in the room you plan to paint)

  • Anew Grey | Sherwin Williams

    - a subtly warm greige 

  • Edgecomb Grey | Benjamin Moore

    - a warm, neutral grey with no strong undertones

Once you have selected your paint colour you will want to consider the paint finish. On walls I love to use matte wherever and whenever possible. Using a flat finish gives it a chalky look that softens the colour.

If you choose a matte finish it is better to go with a higher quality of paint for durability. As well, a flat finish is easier to touch up than a glossier finish. Eggshell is standard and also very durable and forgiving.

We love seeing transformations! If you paint a room using our tips send us a before and after photo to or tag us on Instagram

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