Practical Tips for Giving Your Front Entry a Facelift

Andy Friesen, Creative Director at Su Casa Design, loves plants and being out in his garden, and definitely fits the bill when talking about plants and landscaping.

Here are his suggestions when bringing your front entry out of boredom and into a fresh, uplifting transformation. 


The Importance of Layering & Scale

When it comes to your front door layering and scale are necessary to consider when choosing anything.



Start with planter pots. Andy is a huge fan of pots, and always leans to bigger sizes. Larger scale items feel lush and usually accurately fit a space better. His suggestion is to invest in larger planters as they will have bigger impact and generally because you are spending more upfront you are less inclined to have to replace it. 

A suggestion specifically to this more traditional front door, pick a topiary plant to put in your pots, and around the base of the topiary you can fill in with flowers for the spring and summer which will drape over the bottom of the pots. The flowers will fill out as the season progresses and offer more size (scale) as well as a welcoming fragrance.

Some favorite topiaries are boxwood, hydrangea or rose. Come winter you will still have your main plant and you can pull out the seasonal flowers. The planters become very transitional between the seasons and still look beautiful without ever being fully empty and bare. During the winter season, you can even add some cedar branches to the base to create a fresh, festive planter! 


You want to create layers and levels, so placing a bench by the entrance will add a different height and a functional space to put shoes on. Make sure to add a welcome mat, the rule of thumb is it shouldn’t be smaller than 3/4 of the width of your door. To add one more layer, lanterns are a nice way to add a touch of décor. They too come in many sizes, Andy strongly suggests, like with the planter pots, error on the larger size. 




Remember that less is more –

You don’t want it to look cluttered, hence why you want bigger pots, not more pots!



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