Top Design Trends We are Loving Right Now

One of the things we love about entering a new year is all the forecasting of the coming year’s trends!

We have been watching a couple of these really move into the limelight and are taking notes on our favorites.

So, we rounded up the trends we are most excited about (and will likely be incorporated into Andy’s home renovation), as well as some that we are keeping our eye on.  

Brass Fixtures

Image Credit- Jess Isaac via Amber Lewis


Creamier (not bright white) Kitchens

Image Credit- Nordiska Kok  -via Coco Lapine Design


Over-Grout Stone Walls

Image Credit- Magnolia


Rich & Bold Wall Color

Image Credit- Jean Stoffer Design


Micro Print Wallpaper

Image Credit- Chris Loves Julia


Mixed Wood Tones

Image Credit- Amber Interiors


English-Style Kitchens

Image Credit- deVol Kitchens



Can you guess our faves? Check out this week's Instagram posts to hear more about these design styles that are giving us all those new-but-old” feels.

What are the top trends for 2021 that you will be incorporating into your home this year? Tag us in them on IG @sucasadesign.

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