The Value of Hiring an Interior Designer


At Su Casa we realize when people come to us it is quite possibly to help them achieve one of the largest investments they will make. We want to facilitate in creating the best design expertise for their greatest investment. Designing the home is just one facet of the project design. Interior design is arguably the most important of all aspects – and yet the least attention and monetary considerations initially considered for. It is often not until the thick of it that one realizes the magnitude of every single decision. 

We asked our interior design team a few questions regarding their department and what we came away with was considerable amounts of stories of how they have truly made huge differences in the process of building a home for many people and just how vital their role is. 



What Does an Interior Designer Do?

They are the ultimate problem solvers with incredible spatial awareness (we swear that’s one of their superpowers). They can manipulate spaces to be beautiful, functional, expressive, and reflective of the clients they work for. Interior designers are the liaison between contractor and client and ensuring the clients’ needs are always heard and met through the course of construction.

Their department maintains valuable guidance throughout the whole process as they assist in making decision after decision using their talents and experience to create beautiful, well-planned homes. They take the decision-fatigue out of the equation for the clients, as there are thousands (no exaggeration) of decisions to be made, therefore making the course less stressful. 



At What Stage Should You be Working with an Interior Designer?

Ultimately the beginning is when you should start with interior design to get your greatest desires and wish lists for your home achieved. At this stage, we can already be working with the architect and contractor to get the look and feel you want. Our involvement can look limited at first, but we are there to start offering practical suggestions and give options that can help fulfill the client's list of must haves. A real benefit at Su Casa is that we offer both house design and interior design "in house" and therefore the interior designer can start to collaborate and oversee right from the beginning.

* This also allows the designer to start ordering supplies right away – especially since lead times for everything is incredibly long right now and you don’t want your contractors sitting around waiting on supplies. 

What is Expected From the Client?

Often a dream list or Pinterest board is a great jumping off point to have from the client to see what the look and feel of the home they are desiring.  The more the designer knows from the client in the beginning the better the final design will be for that client. As for time commitments, it can vary depending on what the client has to offer. They often work with clients that are too busy to contribute much time, so hiring a team to oversee the interior department is crucial. This is where the designer helps narrow down selections in a succinct way, and the clients can offer feedback and make decisions in an efficient manner.  

On the flipside, they work with clients who do have the time and want to be more involved with the decision-making process, and they welcome their input and contributions as it helps give guidance to the feel they are going for. 

Really, the only expectation a designer asks of a client is clear communication and timely responses. If the designer understands the clients’ wants and needs at the outset (and not left guessing for the client) they can provide appropriate, well-planned solutions that best fit those needs. The client should be prepared to be open and honest with their designer on what their project goals are, budget expectations, and any specific needs that the final design should accommodate.


  • Irene May Brown

    Hiring an interior designer is an investment that transforms spaces into personalized havens, blending aesthetics with functionality. Their expertise not only elevates the visual appeal but also ensures a harmonious and practical design. The value of hiring an interior designer lies in the seamless fusion of creativity and functionality for a truly enchanting living experience.

  • Clare Martin

    I bought a condo unit in Raleigh recently since I’ve always had plans to move out of my family home and I found a good place that’s near to my current workplace. I appreciate you letting us know that interior designers are known to be the ultimate problem solvers with incredible spatial awareness since they can manipulate spaces to become beautiful, functional, and reflective of their clients. I’ll take note of this while I look for an interior designer to help me furnish the condo unit before I move in permanently next February.

  • Taylor Abrams

    Choosing the right paint colors for my home has always been a daunting task, and I’m tired of ending up with shades that just don’t feel right. So, I’m really looking forward to hiring an interior color consultation service to finally get the perfect color palette that suits my style and space. I appreciate you telling me that regarding time commitments, it might vary depending on what the client has to provide. The more information the designer obtains from the customer at the beginning, the better the final design will be for that client.

  • Fanyer

    Reading about your design process is incredibly enlightening. Your ability to conceptualize and execute interior spaces that are not only beautiful but also highly functional is truly admirable. It’s evident that you go above and beyond to create environments that enhance the lives of those who inhabit them. Looking forward to more glimpses into your creative journey!"

  • Shammy Peterson

    It was nice that you explained that you could achieve your wishlist for the design of your house when you consider working with an interior designer in the beginning. My husband and I will take note of this because we want to start the construction of our dream family house next quarter of the year. We want our house to be a reflection of our personality and desires, so we will speak with a reliable interior design team before this month ends.

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