Working With Su Casa Design - A Key To Success

Don Nielsen

You might be wondering where some of our stock house plans come from. Our Glen Valley plan comes from the home of Don Nielsen who is also the owner and operator of Ridgewest Homes in Langley BC. 

After designing his home with Su Casa and building it himself, Don worked alongside us to make his home a stock plan that others could purchase and build themselves. 

To date, the Glen Valley home is one of our most popular homes purchased from our library of stock plans. 

Recently Don wanted to give us a bit of a testimony of what it is like working alongside Su Casa with his clients in designing a custom home. Here is what he had to say,

"As an exclusive custom estate home builder, I carry the great privilege of being the facilitator to those on their quest of taking their dreams and watching them unfold into existence.

What should be one of the most exhilarating of journeys in dream creation all too often becomes a frustratingly disappointing experience when our expectations do not match our realities, setting the tone for a long journey ahead.

Enter Su Casa...

Preparing your plans for a successful experience is at the heart of what Su Casa strives to achieve, and one of the many reasons I point clients towards utilizing their services.

From the moment you step foot in the door, right until your plans and project are complete, Andy and his team work hard to provide not just a plan, but a full service that shares their joy and expertise alongside you in your journey of building your dream home. Their dedication to client satisfaction, whether behind the scenes or face to face, sets them apart from others as a united front committed to celebrating with you in your successes.’

Working alongside Su Casa has been one of the key launching points for me in knowing a project will be in good hands. Andy and his team have been an amazing resource for bringing plans to fruition, and throughout the process remain a support network for all those involved, setting up clients to be well on their way to experiencing the fulfillment of their dreams ~ Don Nielsen"

Thank you, Don!

Ridgewest Homes are one of the best home builders in the area and we often recommend their services to our clients. If you are looking for a quality builder to build your custom home, you can trust that Don and his team will get the job done right. 

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