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No more hassle and frustration of piecing together the appearance of your home exterior. Our Stock Exterior Packages will elevate your curb appeal in a fraction of the time and cost of a custom design.

Dark Modern Farmhouse Stock Exterior Package

Dark Modern Farmhouse Stock Exterior Package
Dark Modern Farmhouse Stock Exterior Package
Dark Modern Farmhouse Stock Exterior Package
Dark Modern Farmhouse Stock Exterior Package

Dark Modern Farmhouse Stock Exterior Package

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*Our stock exterior package offers far more options than the concept images shown, which serve only as a source of inspiration for your selection*
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Bold, Moody and Contemporary: The Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior Package

Step up your home game with our Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior Package. This isn't your average farmhouse look; we're talking a sleek, dark colour scheme that boosts curb appeal and breaks the mold. It's the perfect mash-up of classic farmhouse aesthetic and bold, modern style.

With our package, you get everything – top-notch materials, incredible lighting, and door styles that'll make your neighbours do a double-take. Designed by Andy Friesen and our talented design team, it's all about making your home stand out. Get the look that's as unique as you are.

What You Will Receive in Your Stock Exterior Package: 


1. Detailed Product Specification Package, with Manufacturer Details and Product Links, Including: 

  • Door Styles and Colours
  • Fascia and Siding 
  • Flashings
  • Ground Cover and Floor Materials
  • Lighting Styles
  • Metal Finishes
  • Railing Styles
  • Roof Materials
  • Roof Soffit 
  • Stone Facing
  • Timber/Posts/Beams
  • Windows
  • 2. General Location Instructions for Each Material Finish.

    3. General Notes and Design Suggestions from our Team of Expert Designers.

    4. Collection of Inspiration Concept Design images* to Provide Visual Reference For Your Home Transformation.

    5. Peace of Mind and Confidence that Your Home Exterior Reflects Your Life and Style.

    *Concept Images are to provide a look similar to our stock exterior package and are not an exact representation of the materials provided.

    Stock Exterior Packages FAQs

    We Are Here To Answer Your Questions.

    Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from clients who purchase our Stock Exterior Packages.

    If there are questions you have that aren't addressed below, please feel free to reach out our Client Care Team.

    Yes! The beauty of these material collections is that they can be custom fit to work with any home.

    Our collections guide you towards a cohesive look while affording you the flexibility to customize the materials to suit your home.

    No! The materials in our exterior home collections are not custom materials. All of our selections are from a leading North American suppliers and should be available in most locations.

    You not only get the collection you’ve purchased in an easy-to-read PDF along with all of your material names and manufacture codes, you will also receive a mood board of design images that display the pre-selected vision of your home.

    Think of it as a shopping list for your home's curb appeal.

    We truly want your home renovation and design experience to be a success. Our goal is to provide you great design experience that can help you along the way!

    No. All of our Stock Exterior Packages do not include cost estimation as that requires specific building information about your home we wouldn't be able to estimate.

    We recommend reaching out to a local builder in your area for guidance.

    If you are struggling to know what to look for in choosing a builder, check out our blog here for some great tips!

    Elevate Your Home's Curb Appeal with Our Curated Stock Home Exterior Packages by Andy Friesen.

    Boost your home's value and make a lasting impression with ease.

    Our material packages have helped hundreds of homeowners achieve their dream home and have been featured in top design magazines such Architectural Digest, House and Home Magazine, and more.

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