Windermere Cottage

Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage
Windermere Cottage

Windermere Cottage


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    Windermere Cottage: A Contemporary Cottage on the West Coast

    The cottage has a west coast contemporary style and is perfect for people who want a beach house or bungalow. Its dimensions are 46' by 30', and it has a total of 1380 square feet. It also has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The best part is that the main floor features an open concept, and the master bedroom is on the main floor. There is also a covered patio, which would be great for enjoying the view of the ocean.

    The best thing about this cabin is that it would be perfect for a weekend getaway. The open concept would make it easy to entertain friends, and the master bedroom would be a great place to relax. So, if you're looking for the perfect cabin to call home, then Windermere Cottage is the right choice for you.


    1380 Sqft 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 0 Car Westcoast Contemporary


    Design Details

    PLAN #: Windermere
    STYLE: Westcoast Contemporary, Cottage, Beach House, Bungalow
    DIMENSIONS: 46’-0” X 30’-0”
    SQUARE FT: 1380 SQ. FT. (Main Floor)
    FOUNDATION TYPE: Crawlspace

    Floor Plan Features

    • Open Concept
    • Master Bedroom on Main Floor
    • Covered Patio
    • Main Floor Laundry
    • Small Building Footprint- Ideal for Small lots


    Plan Options

    Walk-out Basement *unfinished* (See image slides for more details)


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